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George, Hillary, & Obama.

Yes the Comic Book Challenge is on and
John Smallwood-Garcia is now in the top 10.

Run, don't walk on over to
and vote for John.

Or, for more fun, click on his name, and then Contestant Videos, and then his smiling face (photo courtesy of his daughter), and watch him sweat & squirm as he gives a hollywood style pitch to the panel of esteemed judges.

And then VOTE! 
There is another week and a half of voting for the top three.

And, if I make it to the top three,
I may ask you to vote again in two weeks. 

I'm hoping I get the chance to pester you again.

Remember, that's SMALLWOOD-GARCIA,
the man with two names.

What? You think I'm making this up?  Stumble on over to  CNN and see what I'm talking about.

I created a character, Lela LifeSaver,
 for the San Diego Blood Drive at Comic-Con 2006. 
The Blood Drive asked me to do it again for 2007.

AND..., AND...
Below are some images I contributed to the 2007 Souvenir Book.


AND..., AND..., AND...,
If you run into me, ask me about some of the great New Yorker Cartoonists I've been lucky enough to have lunch with.

Oh, yes, one more thing I forgot.

Richard Vasseur at  posted an interview with that Smallwood-Garcia guy.  You might want to check that out too!  Nice artwork, btw.

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