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Guess what's up next.

I had to miss last year's New York ComicCon due to family responsibilities.  I never even got to see or wear one of the t-shirts I designed for the Blood drive.

But that's going to change.  I'm going to be at this year's con (as long as other family issues don't pop up).  And I want you to wear your t-shirt .  And I'll make it worth your while.

I'll buy a drink for the first 10 people I see wearing the Blood drive T-shirt.  I wish I could do more, but if 200 people show up wearing shirts, I wouldn't have any money left to buy comics.

I'll be wandering the convention definitely on Pro-Day Friday, and on Saturday.  If some tall mustached nut stops you and asks to take a picture, that should be me --- hopefully. 

Below are the videos I did for my pitch at San Diego Comic Con International for "Arthur". 

Have a peek if you want to see what an introvert looks like while trying to act like an extrovert (never let them see you sweat).  4 minutes.

And below is the back story for "Arthur" and my general thoughts about comics and the human condition. 2 minutes.

And now a word from our sponsor.

(A letter from Lynn Stedd at the San Diego Blood Bank.)

"This year’s 32nd Annual Robert A. Heinlein Comic Con Blood Drive broke all previous records with a total of 1,070 donations at the San Diego Marriott Hotel.  Attached is a history of the Comic Con for the past 32 years.  The overall total for this 32 year-old blood drive is now 7,538 pints!...

...Special thanks to John Smallwood-Garcia for another outstanding job on the T-shirt art."

Hey.  I'm just glad to help.  As was everyone who donated blood.
Thank you all.

And start saving your pennies now, boys and girls. The San Diego Comic-Con International is just around the corner, and that means so is this year's Comic-Con Blood Drive.

All the fans who donate blood will get a free t-shirt from the San Diego Blood Bank.  Oh, nice artwork! I wonder who did it...? 

Last year the Comic-Con Blood drive set a new record: 841 pints of blood, beating the previous record by 249 pints! (142%  Yay, team! Let's beat that record again this year!)

I'm honored the kind people at the Blood Drive asked me to do it again (Hi there, Therese). Here you go.


I just spent a fun morning with the 7th grade class at Whisconier Middle School telling them about what a Graphic Artist does.

Hi, guys & gals, great questions and I look forward seeing your cartoons next year.

Check out your local comic shops by entering your Zip code at   

And, I'm sorry I missed the NYC Comic Con, but at least my art was there.  All the fans who donated blood got a free t-shirt from the NYC Blood Bank.





Well, I just got back in town and boy are my arms tired. (Actually, I just got back in town after driving all the way from North Carolina, and it's not my arms that are tired.)

I didn't make it to the final round of the 2007 Comic Book Challenge, but I want to thank my friends and family who supported me and voted me for me. Especially the ones who were nice enough to pound away at the computer keyboard and vote more than just once.

I especially want to thank my father-in-law, Irwin, who stayed up late and voted until 3:00am East Coast time (midnight West Coast) all the way until the polls closed, or his eyelids closed, whichever came first.

And, all the staff at Platinum Studios.  You really made all of us contestants feel like winners.

AT&T logged nearly 5 million different ISPs voting, so that was an incredible response and alot of fun to be a part of this.
I promise not to send another group email to everyone unless I'm silly enough to try this again next year.

Next year.....? Let's just take this one day at a time.

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I created a character, Lela LifeSaver,
 for the San Diego Blood Drive at Comic-Con 2006. 
The Blood Drive asked me to do it again for 2007.

AND..., AND...
Below are some images I contributed to the 2007 Souvenir Book.


AND..., AND..., AND...,
If you run into me, ask me about some of the great New Yorker Cartoonists I've been lucky enough to have lunch with.

Oh, yes, one more thing I forgot.

Richard Vasseur at  posted an interview with that Smallwood-Garcia guy.  You might want to check that out too!  Nice artwork, btw.


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