A Bit About An Artist


John Smallwood-Garcia is the creator of Satan and Bob, Arthur, 7thSon, Ariana and the principal of Dream Media, formerly based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Trained as an illustrator, he led a design team with expertise in corporate communications and promotion, editorial, and exhibition design. His pioneering graphic design in computer print, multimedia and web designs helped to push a small San Francisco firm into a world-wide corporation. His work is in the permanent collections of the Cartoon Art Museum and the Contra Costa Civic Arts Gallery and has been awarded and published in Communication Arts Magazine, Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year and other national and international publications.



California College of Arts and Crafts
University of California at Berkeley
Academy of Art College


Work History:

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Painter



Communication Arts Magazine, Art Annual 1983, Award of Excellence
Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year
International Fair Exhibition, Best Painter Under Thirty
Academy of Art College, Scholarship


Family, the creative process, art, comics, movies, spirituality, finding creative excuses for not cleaning the house (even when it's my job).


John Smallwood-Garcia in his study